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North Little Rock Public Education Foundation Grants Awarded!!

The North Little Rock Public Education Foundation awarded 30 Innovative Teaching Grants to teachers in the North Little Rock School District on Friday, October 24, 2014.  A total of over $22,000 was awarded to teachers at the elementary and secondary level.

Grants were awarded based on their ability to impact academic achievement. Successful projects will be shared with other teachers in the district, in an effort to allow them to be replicated. This is the ninth year that the grants have been offered. Over 170 grants have been awarded, valued at $150,000.

For more information about the work of the the foundation or the grant process, please contact NLRPEF President, Dona Boone at 501/580-3899.


This year's Innovative Teaching Grants are as follows:

Heather Hazeslip
Lakewood Elementary  STEM Learning Projects $540.00 
Patsy Carter Glenview Elementary Read 'Em, Keep 'Em  $782.84
    On Board!  $198.83
Katie Torgerson Park Hill Elementary Books & Resources $1000.00
Shelle House NLRHS Soph/West Leveling the Field: Forensics & Debate $1000.00
Amanda Ware Indian Hills Elementary Following Our Journey $500.00
Michelle Dorsey Seventh Street Elementary Three Cheers for Theater Kids! $500.00
Amber Peck  Meadow Park Elementary Needing More Non (Non-Fiction
That Is!)
Amanda Lewis Crestwood Elementary Pellets for Poppy $300.00
Elena Reyes Lovins Amboy Elementary CSI: NLR $1000.00
Tammy Reeder Glenview Elementary Math + Literacy = Mastery $918.28
Tracy Harris North Heights iPads Help Us Learn! $445.98
Emily Johnson Crestwood Elementary To Information and Beyond $695.00
Lance Walters Lakewood Elementary Mini Investment for Major Returns $250.00
Kim Barton Boone Park Elementary What Do I Want To Be? How Can I Help Others? $495.00

Sara Logan Lakewood Elementary Launch into Stem $960.00
Kelsey Dellinger Amboy Elementary Literacy Workstations $250.00
    Crazy for Chromebooks $884.97
Julie Drake NLRSD It's All About the Kids and Graduation!" $1000.00
Rosalind Utley  Boone Park Elementary Stories That Come to Life $485.00
Vicki Thomas Boone Park Elementary Learning Through Technology $500.00
Genea Tharpe  Glenview Elementary Design and Engineering $493.50
Dianne Phillips Lakewood Middle School Literacy Homework Library $800.00
Janet Perkins  NLRHS - Freshman Freshman - Work Ready $1000.00
Jennifer France Indian Hills Elementary Future Chef's of Arkansas $1000.00
Shari Cates Lakewood Middle School Robotics - Innovative Ideas $1000.00
Shelly Jones Lakewood Middle School Moving in a Positive Direction $1000.00
Melissa Walls NLR Academy Operation Mindstorm $982.52
Molly Banks Lakewood Middle School/NLRHS Freshman Singing Together $600.00
Charles Jones  NLR Academy Blue Blazers Student Leadership Program $963.28

Flu Clinic UPDATES!!  

Due to a delay in flu vaccine shipment that will decrease the amount of vaccine available to the Arkansas Department of Health, ADH is cancelling the NLRSD middle school and high school flu immunization clinics. This will allow ADH to make flu vaccine available to elementary-aged children who are key transmitters of influenza in the community. The following elementary schools will be holding flu clinics at the original scheduled dates listed in the link below. The Mass Flu Clinic for North Little Rock has also been cancelled.  If you have questions or concerns, please call the North Little Rock Health Department at 791-8551.


Click HERE for additional health information focusing on the most current events and for infectious disease precautions.

NLRHS Lip Dub......Watching makes you part of the FUN!

Heather Hazeslip
Heather Hazeslip
Heather Hazeslip
Heather Hazeslip
Heather Hazeslip
Heather Hazeslip
Heather Hazeslip


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